Large-scale Computer Reuse Suite

For the benefit of people and the planet: Let's be efficient and effective at re-using and refurbishing computers.

...and let's do it large-scale!

Software for computer refurbishment workshops:
Wipe disks, test hardware, store results in database.

Free & Open Source

LCRS is provided to help people who reuse computers for the sake of reducing production by reusing precious resources, be it for the sake of reuse within a large organizations or for charity. The software is meant as an alternative to quick throw-away mentality as well as supporting communities and whole societies that rely on access to refurbished hardware.

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Reliable and large-scale

Data is wiped safely by using manufacturer firmware, safe for both HDD and SSD. If someone uses LCRS, you can safely pass on your hardware to them.

Proven workshop flows are reflected within the software's user interface to make it as efficient as possible to reuse LOADS of computers.

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This project was a reality thanks to IKC (InterCultural Center) and FAIR. Please join us to help maintain and improve the software. The whole structure is meant to make it easy to contribute so the world can better care of already produced hardware.

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The story so far

Back in 2008, we started developing LCRS. It was a project between Fair Allocation of Infotech Resources (FAIR) and Seniors Without Borders. The software was developed to sustain our workshop practices, and we processed over 14,000 computers.

We fully acknowledge that hundreds of thousands more computers could have been salvaged in our countries. One component is the software that enables efficient work flows.


Technical overview

LCRS runs on one or several workshop attendant workstations (laptops). Such a workstation could have a barcode scanner and a network switch. The computers that are being reused, connect to the switch and boot a specially tailored embedded system, feeding back information to the controlling laptop.

The information is uploaded to an organization's database via a plugin written for LCRS, which interfaces with the organization's database API.

Here's a portable setup during on-site wiping:

LCRS setup